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Sabine Schut-Kery

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Sabine Schut-Kery is originally from Krefeld,Germany, where she was classically trained by Jean Bemelmanns for three years before completing her official “Bereiter” exam with the Federation Nationale in Germany. In 1998, Sabine came to the United States to be the head trainer at Proud Meadows Farms in Texas. While there Sabine competed in dressage with young horses through Grand Prix and participated in exhibition riding. Sabine choreographed and rode numerous Quadrilles, Pas de Deux at Grand Prix level, Sidesaddle and Ride and Drive performances.


In 2005, Sabine moved to California where she continues to compete internationally in dressage and participates in exhibitions. Sabine has won numerous International competitions with young horses all the way to Grand Prix. In 2012 she represented the US in the Young Horse World Championships in Verden, Germany . In 2015, she competed for the United States of America at the Pan American Games in Toronto, and came home with a Team Gold Medal. In just 3 month of International Grand Prix Sabine and Sanceo earned a spot on the short list for the World Equestrian Games and they made it onto the USEF Elite list. They were members of the US Nations Cup in 2018 in Wellington, Florida, winning Team Gold and a Individual Silver Medal .


Twice, in 2017 and 2018 she was awarded the Carol Lavelle Advanced Dressage Training Grant. Sabine is known for keeping her boutique training business in California selective, so that equine partners and clients thrive with her focused attention and dedicated training to ensure quality.

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