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Grand Prix riding jackets are proudly made in Canada. We have been developing our riding jackets constantly for more than 25 years. With input from some of the world's best riders, the expertise of expert custom tailors, and developments in materials and construction techniques, Grand Prix continues to be the best fitting most functional and beautiful riding jackets in the world. 


We are currently utilizing such innovations including the most up to date technical fabrics and, stretch breathable linings. Matching Grand Prix Logo buttons are also used adding to all the great details found on every Grand Prix riding jacket.



Each Grand Prix Jacket is hand cut meticulously sewn and hand pressed to our exacting standards. Each jacket passes through numberous steps and is constantly inspected all the way through production. 


Being made locally enables Grand Prix to institute optimal quality control not possible with off shore production used by most other manufactures.

Our new Saltare Collection jacket are designed and produced in Italy using the finest Italian fabrics and notions.  These jackets feature modern fit and styling while maintaining our exacting standards

Saltare Collection

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