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Leovet was founded by Dr. Ulf Jacoby with the aim of better health for the horse, less work for the rider. Leovet products are developed and manufactured at their location in Lahnau, Germany. Leovet products are lab tested and manufactured to be of the highest quality. The full range of products is designed to keep your horse healthy, happy, and looking their best.

Selected Products

Cold Pack-Plus_500ml_10-2019_cmyk.jpg
5-Star Braiding-Gel_200ml_cmyk.jpg
HOOF LAB_Hoof Oil_GB_cmyk.jpg
HOOF LAB_Hoof Hardener_GB_cmyk.jpg
HOOF LAB_Hoof Grease_GB_cmyk.jpg
leoveties - PowerMix_1000g_GB_rgb.jpg
HOOF LAB_Elastic_Cream_GB_cmyk.jpg
5-Star Magic-Style_200ml_cmyk.jpg
HOOF LAB_Oil Balm_GB_cmyk.jpg

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